Elate Clean Cosmetics autumn/winter make-up collection review


I’ve never hidden my passion for Canadian brand Elate Clean Cosmetics. This super natural, vegan-friendly make-up brand offers really superior quality, an amazing range of colours and pure, non-toxic ingredients. If I had to use one green beauty make-up brand for the rest of my life this one is it.

I was lucky enough to receive a selection of their new autumn/winter range which included the brand new Full Tint Foundation and their Universal Crème in new colour Heroine. Read on for my reviews…

Full Tint Foundation in Ivory

I’ve already praised Elate’s original Fresh Tint Foundation on this blog and this full tint one is every bit as good. It’s thicker and offers medium coverage when applied with hands or full coverage with a foundation brush.

Elate Clean Cosmetics selfie

Please focus on the beautiful make-up and overlook the lack of selfie prowess

I barely wear make-up during the day but have been using this foundation for nights out and I love it; it gives a really polished look. I did wear it during the day over Christmas and my make-up savvy younger sisters thought it looked fabulous. The ivory is almost too light for me so I think I’d need a shade up for the summer months. This tone would be stunning on porcelain skins.

Elate Full Tint Foundation, Ivory, CAD$26

Sage Eye Colour Trio

Elate Clean Cosmetics eyeshadow trio Sage

Colours L-R: Oracle, Zealot and Lumen. Can be purchased separately

I have not stopped using this terrific trio of eyeshadows since I received them. The brown pictured centre is the perfect neutral everyday shade and really brings out my green eyes. Building on it with some of the darker brown steps it up for a sultry night-time look.

I’ve also applied the darker shade with a wet brush as an eyeliner and I use the white to highlight under my brows and at the inner corner of my eyes. This is such a versatile palette and very easy to apply.

Elate Sage Eye Colour Trio, CAD$45

Heroine Universal Crème

Heroine is the newest member of Elate’s Universal Crème club. It’s such a dream of a colour, perfect to give cheeks a rosy glow but with enough brown to be used on cheekbones too. I know that doesn’t sound possible but I promise it is! And it gives a lovely subtle tint to lips. This is probably my favourite product of the collection (although it was a tough call…). It smells deliciously of lemongrass, which has been combined with other luscious oils such as borage and evening primrose.

Heroine Universal Crème, CAD$20

Eyeline Liquid Eye Liner

A very welcome addition to my beauty arsenal has been Elate’s black liquid eyeliner. I’m quite a pro when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner, but I reckon this one is pretty idiot proof. I didn’t need much, just a fine line to accentuate my upper lash line.

Eyeline Liquid Eye Liner, CAD$22

Crème Lipstick in Muse and Lip Gloss in Agile

These two can work together for a stronger look or individually. Not only do they have amazing staying power, but they’re nourishing and I love the fact that when I wear them I can eat/drink/lick my lips safe in the knowledge that I’m not ingesting anything nasty.

The gloss has a beautiful bronze shimmer that lasts even as the gloss slides away. The lipstick presents as a copper colour but I found, especially in photos, it seemed to have a very pleasing pink tone to it. I’ve read that natural lip pH can affect colours so maybe that’s it…

Both the gloss and lipstick contain organic castor seed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter so they won’t dry your lips out like many conventional lipsticks. And as they’re so moisturising, you won’t need to carry around a separate lip balm.

Muse Crème Lipstick, CAD$17

Agile Lip Gloss, CAD$18

Natural credentials: Elate Clean Cosmetics are as pure as they come. Check them out on the Think Dirty app (every item rates an amazing 0 or 1). All natural, organic ingredients, vegan-friendly, sustainable packaging and cruelty-free to boot.

Available from: Ay, there’s the rub. No UK stockists yet, although they were in British Vogue a couple of months ago and have a UK launch planned for 2017. For the moment you’ll need to order from their website and pay for shipping and potentially customs, depending on how much you spend. They’re very helpful so do reach out to the team if you have queries and I hope to bring you news of their expansion soon.


Swatches (excuse the goose bumps, it’s cold here) from left: Universal Crème Heroine; Muse (lipstick); Agile (gloss); eyeshadows Lumen, Zealot and Oracle

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