Nourish Argan Skin Renew organic face cream review


At this time of year I turn my attention to a rich organic, natural day cream. My criteria: hydration that lasts all day, no nasties and a magical ingredient or two that promise to give me younger, plumper skin. I now also insist they are alcohol-free (more on that here: The flaw in your anti-ageing beauty routine).

Nourish tick all the boxes with their award-winning Argan Skin Renew face cream. Designed for all skins types, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised all day long. With superstar argan oil bringing a hit of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and frankincense added for its anti-ageing properties it’s got all the components to deliver on its renew, nourish and repair claims.

It also contains extracts of rose of Jericho which apparently help it to adapt to different skins’ needs, hence the ‘one pot suits all’ label. That said, if you’ve got oily or combination skin I would check out their Balance range. I’d also highly recommend one of the Nourish starter kits, if you fancy giving the range a whirl.

Dr Pauline Hili, who founded Nourish in south west London, is an organic skincare specialist and the entire range uses Soil Association accredited organic ingredients and is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. I love the way the line targets a skin condition rather than a skin type, which makes it really easy to pick a range according to what your skin needs right now. I’ve just ordered one of their serums and I’m convinced enough by the Argan Skin Renew face cream to be on my second pot. A definite addition to my core clean beauty kit.

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