Big love for Lavera Natural Cosmetics make-up

I’ve been a fan of green beauty brand Lavera’s make-up range since I tried their Indian Dream Eyeshadow Palette a couple of years ago (and it’s still going strong). Now their Volume Mascara and Soft Lipliner in Red 03 have resolutely taken up permanent residency in my make-up bag.

Decent natural mascaras are hard to come by, but Lavera’s gives respectable volume without clumping, stays put all day, doesn’t drop flecks of black, and doesn’t smudge. At around £12, depending on where you get it, it’s not the cheapest on the market but it’s good enough to compete with the heftier priced clean mascaras out there.

I bought the Lavera Soft Lipliner on a whim, telling myself I needed it to go with my red lipstick (I didn’t). Miraculously it has turned out to be my perfect shade. It’s soft enough (the hint is in the name) to wear as an all over colour, which is exactly what I do. Nearly every-single-damn-day since I bought it. It makes me feel sassy with a smattering of glam and it is just as wearable in the office as on a night out. A whim win. And, yes, it does also go rather well with my red lipstick.

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