Nivea face cream for thirsty winter skin

At this time of year my skin starts crying out for more moisturiser. For me, a rich face cream is essential and one I always keep on my bathroom shelf is Nivea’s Pure and Natural Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream. 95% of its ingredients are of natural origin and it easily matches up to any regular face cream I’ve used.


Rich enough for use day and night, it’s made with extracts of argan oil and burdock fruit, which has been touted for its powerful anti-ageing properties. It’s not got SPF but what it lacks in UV protection it makes up for in skin thirst quenching punch.

Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream: £4.99 for 50ml

Natural credentials: 95% natural with extracts of argan oil and burdock fruit.

Available from: Boots, currently at the reduced price of £4.99 (normally £8.90).

Tease those tangles out!

It’s a bit outside the remit of what I’d normally review but this is such a great product that I’m making an exception.
The Tangle Teezer has been around for a while but since I only tackle my mop when I wash it the craze sort of passed me by. But now Tangle Teezer has released Aqua Splash, designed for the shower. I’ve never used a brush like it; it (mostly) glided through my knots in a fraction of the time a standard comb or brush would take. Use it with your conditioner and you’ll feel like you’ve had a treatment. It could be a coincidence, but I also lost less hair than usual.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash: from £10.25-£13.99

Available from: The cheapest one I found was on Amazon (search for Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash) but Boots, Tangle Teezer and Feel Unique are all stockists.