Organic natural eye creams that won’t break the bank

Natural organic eye creamsEye creams are often quite pricey, especially when you consider the quantity you get, but they’re an important part of our daily beauty regimes. Here are my reviews of a couple of more affordable ones by organic beauty brands Organic Trevarno Skincare and Skin Blossom. Both of these natural eye creams contain a high level of organic ingredients, perform well and come in at under a tenner.

Organic Trevarno Eye Cream

A new favourite! Organic Trevarno Eye Cream uses quality organic and entirely natural ingredients. This rich cream cools and moisturises without a hint of greasiness. Active ingredients include rose water, olive oil infused with euphrasia (also known as ‘eyebright’), evening primrose oil, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract. Essentials oils of patchouli, palmerosa and neroli add to its beautifying potency and delicate scent. I am going to be hitting this brand hard!

Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream

Skin Blossom are a fantastic organic natural skincare range if you’re on a tight budget. The Reviving Eye Cream does a good job at reducing puffiness and hydrating the delicate skin around the eye. Again, eyebright features on the ingredients list, this time with green tea extract (an antioxidant). A decent every day eye cream at a really respectable price.

Natural credentials: Organic Trevarno Eye Cream is over 95% organic and entirely natural. The Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream is 98.85% natural and over 85% organic.

Available from:
The best price I’ve found for Trevarno is on Naturisimo. Otherwise you can buy direct from Trevarno’s website. Wholefoods London stock the Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream along with Onlynaturals and even Ocado.

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