Shea (butter) bliss

Organic unrefined shea butter

You’re no doubt familiar with shea butter (Butyrosperum Parkii) as an ingredient in many skincare products, especially natural beauty ones. It’s a top-notch moisturiser and skin superfood with high levels of vitamins and fatty acids and a host of benefits that have seen it rise to the top in the skincare hall of fame.

Some months ago I ordered Naturallythinking’s unrefined organic shea butter to use in its raw state as a body moisturiser. It arrived as blocks of fudge-like butter and after some experimenting I found the best way to apply it was after a shower, while my skin was still wet. The warmth of damp skin helps the butter glide on and in less than a minute I’m cocooned in a velvety layer of shea and smelling slightly like a Milky Bar.

This method of application works best if you just pat yourself dry afterwards and I would recommend storing the piece of butter you use on a soap dish or similar afterwards to let it dry out. Personally I don’t feel I want to get dressed straightaway and I normally do this at night, so the butter can sink in and work its magic whilst I sleep. A super economical and speedy way to hydrate your skin; I’m converted and have already placed my second order.

I’ve yet to start experimenting with it but you can melt shea butter and mix it with oils to make your own products. As the mix cools to room temperature the shea butter will thicken, giving your creation texture. Naturallythinking also suggest melting and using shea butter as a hair or scalp treatment. As I write this I’ve picked up a piece and rubbed it on as a lip balm. And it’s also meant to be good for eczema sufferers. The options are endless…

Incidentally, the Naturallythinking website is a brilliant destination for all green beauty DIY enthusiasts. Delivery isn’t cheap so I always stock up on oils and essential oils when I place an order. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Shea (butter) bliss

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  3. Just to add to this, I have now started melting my shea butter in an oil burner whilst I’m in the shower or bath. It feels so utterly indulgent to rub the warm oil over my skin when I get out and it makes applying it so speedy. Much more efficient now I’ve moved house and have a far cooler bathroom!

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