The Natural Deodorant Co. baking soda free deo for sensitive skin

The Natural Deodorant Co Gentle Deodorant Cream Tangerine
Between the April showers there are occasional glimmers of warmer weather approaching and so a good natural deodorant is a must! There are so many mediocre brands out there and I’ve wasted a small fortune over the years in my hunt for natural, aluminium-free deodorants that actually work.

Recently I’ve been testing The Natural Deodorant Co.’s Gentle Deodorant Cream with Tangerine for sensitive skin. It’s a similar product to Schmidt’s, which I reviewed last summer, but leaves the bicarbonate of soda out. Why? Well, effective as this ingredient is, it can cause irritation (I assume because it’s alkaline and it upsets the pH balance of the skin). And despite my rave review of Schmidt’s, I suddenly developed a sensitivity to it and had to stop using it. Sad face. But, I’m happy to report that The Natural Deodorant Co.’s version is just as good. Actually, I prefer it; the texture is more like a paste than a putty which means it’s easier to apply.

The active ingredients are food grade magnesium oxide, as a deodoriser, and bentonite clay to help keep the area dry. Obviously, being aluminium-free, it doesn’t stop you sweating but it does help. And it’s as effective at keeping odour at bay as anything I’ve ever used, conventional or otherwise.

If tangerine’s not your thing then there’s a good selection of different scents for the gentle deodorant range on their site. They also have deodorant balms, which do contain bicarb, so if you’re not sensitive to this ingredient and want a UK version of cult product Schmidt’s then this is the brand for you. I’m a convert.

Natural credentials: All natural, handmade, vegan and cruelty-free.

Available from: Natural Deodorant Co. website and Naturisimo.

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