For the kids: natural hand wash and hand freshener spray

Paddy's Foaming Hand Wash and Kinder By Nature's Hand Freshener
Having recently conquered the potty training milestone, the focus in our house has been getting little hands clean – almost more challenging than the potty training itself. Here are two natural children’s products we have fallen in love with:

Kinder by Nature Mucky Mitts Hand Freshener

Mucky Mitts ingredients in depth

How much easier if all ingredients lists were this clear?

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of hand bags, this hand freshener spray by Kinder by Nature (check out their baby wipes, a bit pricey but fantastic and very gentle) uses aloe vera to soothe and moisturise and tea tree oil to gently disinfect. It’s free from alcohol, perfume, parabens, petrochemicals and is ph balanced. I also love the transparency of the ingredients list (pictured). A great alternative to traditional anti bacterial hand gels.

Available from: I picked mine up in Waitrose for £1.57, but Mothercare, John Lewis, Amazon and Tescos all stock it.

Paddy’s Bathroom Stuff for Hands Foaming Hand Wash

From the creator’s of Ella’s Kitchen comes Paddy’s Bathroom, presumably for Ella’s younger brother and to get around the awkward, “Daddy, why did you name a product line after Ella and not me?” This pump action foaming spray has been a hit with my 2.5 year old and his little friends. It’s 98% natural, 73% organic, comes out as a foam (so lasts for ages), smells of lemons and its vibrant packaging and shape makes it fun and easy to use. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe that every sale results in a donation to DelAgua’s Programme which funds home water filters for families in Rwanda? Done. Everyone’s a winner.

Available from: Ocado stock the range. And loads of other places. Just visit their site: P.S. Check out their ingredients lists; simply click on a component to see more about it. Grown up products need to follow the kiddie market’s lead on labelling!

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