Words of wisdom from one mother to another

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK so who better to share their natural beauty secrets than my mum, Gilli. Mum is actually the inspiration behind this blog; without her I would never have sought out natural beauty products or questioned the safety of mainstream cosmetics. And it’s more than just beauty, it’s a lifestyle I’ve inherited from her. It’s organic food, it’s alternative medicine (she’s a qualified homeopath), it’s keeping fit. It’s a belief that true beauty comes from being a kind person, not from a pot.

Love you mum. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with my readers.

Why did you make the transition to clean cosmetics? Why’s it important to you?
I simply decided that it was important not to use chemicals, where possible, on my skin. When I first looked at changing there was very little on the market that was in any way ‘natural’ and that is why I started making my own face cream from ingredients that I found at health shops. Now of course it’s much easier to source things online.

Be happy in your own skin, changing your body won’t change your soul.

“Be happy in your own skin, changing your body won’t change your soul”

What is your must have natural beauty product?
That’s got to be my face cream. I make it with a natural base cream and then add Vitamin E serum and a natural sun screen.

What beauty advice did your mother give you?
She wasn’t really the sort of person who handed out beauty advice but she always looked young for her age and never went out without make-up on. And she had a ritual of putting hand cream on before she went to sleep. When she was very ill in hospital, I remember looking at her hands and thinking how beautiful they were, virtually unlined. Unlike mine!

A throwback snap to mum smouldering in the 70s

A throwback snap to mum smouldering in the 70s

What beauty advice do you give to your three daughters?
ALWAYS keep your face (and neck) out of the sun! And remember that make-up is a fantastic barrier against the elements.

Be happy in your own skin, changing your body won’t change your soul.

Who is your beauty inspiration?
I always admired Joan Collins, in fact it was she who always said wear a hat in the sun. She’s amazing for her age. Also I admire anyone in the public eye who doesn’t have cosmetic surgery. I saw Judi Dench being interviewed not long ago; she looks beautiful and her face tells a story, it’s unique.

We all turn into our mothers…and that’s fine by me

Any best finds or favourite brands?
I like Lavera and Faith in Nature. It’s very exciting to see the supermarkets starting to sell more ethical products too. At last they’re listening.

What’s your ‘couldn’t live without’ product?
Again my face cream. My L’Oreal mascara too but it’s not natural, time to change that I think.

Any mainstream product that you refuse to give up, despite its ingredients?
My Umberto Giannini Curl Friends hair products, naughty but nice!

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