Intensae nail it with new 5-free nail lacquers

From the moment I opened the A Beautiful World A/W sampler box there was one product I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on, or rather, on my mitts: Intensae’s La Fideles nail polish.
Many nail varnishes are jam-packed with nasty chemicals. Fortunately in the EU the worst culprits such as formaldehyde (carcinogenic and used to embalm bodies!) are banned, but in the States regulations are more laxed, which is why Intensae developed their ‘5-free’ polishes – free from formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, parabens and formaldehyde resin.

Natural credentials aside, this polish glided on beautifully. It’s quite thick (Intensae call it a lacquer for this reason) and although I find this makes polishes harder to apply Intensae was a breeze. Usually I manage a salon standard job on my left hand before lack of ambidexterity screws up my right, but both hands looked totally professional.


Three days and countless nail chipping attempts later the polish still looks picture perfect

Another crucial test for me is durability. I’m hard on my hands: long showers, constant hand washing (I have a toddler) and washing up without gloves; most nail varnishes just can’t stand up to this vigour.

However, with Intensae, three days, three showers, a wedding, and countless nappy changes later and there was barely a chip in sight, which for me is miraculous. Add to this the fact I didn’t use a base or top coat and it’s even more impressive. A big beautifully manicured thumbs up!

Intensae nail lacquers: £14.45 for 12ml

Natural credentials: Free from formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, parabens and formaldehyde resin.

Available from: The range has just launched at A Beautiful World and to celebrate they’re offering 10% off using code INTENSAE10

Also available from (More colours available but you’ll pay in euros and for international delivery)

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